Artist unknown

28 Jul

I came across this photo in Foam magazine and am enamored with it. I’ve always thought, no matter the simplicity, a good photo carries a feeling, an emotion that is translated to the viewer. This does all the above for me. I want nothing more than to know every detail about this photo.. the baby, the photographer and/or parent, the place, the year…

Me & Arrow

28 Jul

Relatively new bag company, Me & Arrow, using all vintage and deadstock fabrics. I absolutely love these.

Paul and Joe

28 Jul

Love this stuff. From the..

to the…

the kids stuff (coming soon) looks phenomenal..


28 Jul

55% beer by Brew Dog.. In little critters.

Light Light

28 Jul

Product by Eric Therner

Photograph by Jesper Lindstrom

J: Digital

22 Jul

Previews from my most recent shoot. Used mostly my 35 but shot a little in digital for the instant gratification. (Wish I could post larger images on WP… Can I?) More photos here.

Thank you beautiful model and friend!


19 Jul

One of my photos featured on Digital Photographers blog!


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